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What could be safer than food processing? This industry processes consumable products – wheat, corn, soy, sugar, dextrose and oils. With respect to process risk evaluation and mitigation, the food processing industry does not have the history in education, perspective or analysis that the chemical process industry has. The food processing industry does not fall under either the OSHA grain handling guidelines or the OSHA CFR 1910.119 PSM and PHA regulations. Consequently, there is a paucity of process documentation, mechanical integrity information, contractor controls, near-hit analysis and so on. These observations apply to an industry which has confused explosive properties exceeding those of coal dust, toxic materials exceeding the properties of ammonia and flammable materials equivalent to gasoline. But, they don’t perceive that they are working in an environment laden with hazards with avenues for their escape.

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Kollhoff, C., and Howat, C.S., 2008.
From The Top Down – Hazard Identification and Risk Evaluation in Food Processing – Toxic Releases, Dust Explosions and Flammable Excursions. Paper 3b. Loss ┬áPrevention Symposium, 5th Global Congress on Process Safety. Tampa, Florida.